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IT Infrastructure and Security Engineer


Job typePermanent

Salary65,000 ฿


Experience3-5 Years


Career Level Middle Management

Number of Vacancy 1

Job Responsibilities

IT Infrastructure

  • Secure a proper infrastructure, in line with the company's guidelines
  • Ensure helpdesk support is provided to all users in accordance with the organization’s goals
  • Ensure set-up and functioning of all infrastructure assets in accordance with the organization’s goals
  • Ensure access to all authorized users to all relevant infrastructure assets in accordance with the organization’s goals

Systems Security

  • Develop information security plans and policies, and secure they are carried out, in line with the company's group
  • Develop strategies to respond to and recover from a security breach, and ensure they are implemented;
  • In accordance with the group’s requirements, implement authorized tools to assist in the detection, prevention, and analysis of security threats;
  • Plan and secure the conduction of awareness training of all team members in the company on information security standards, policies, and best practices;
  • Secure the installation and use of firewalls, data encryption, and other security products and procedures;
  • Secure the periodic network scans to find any vulnerability are conducted;
  • In accordance with the group’s requirements and schedule, conduct penetration testing, simulating an attack on the system to find exploitable weaknesses;
  • Monitor networks and systems for security breaches, through the use of software that detects intrusions and anomalous system behavior.

Experience requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science with minimum experience is 5 years;
  • Software knowledge – IT infrastructure engineers work with a variety of software. Working knowledge of how these various systems interact virtually helps the engineer conduct rapid troubleshooting;
  • Hardware knowledge – routers, servers, PCs, printers, and other equipment all fall under the IT infrastructure engineer’s purview. The engineer also knows how to manage LANs and wired/wireless networks to connect these devices;
  • Problem-solving skills – getting many pieces of hardware and software to work in harmony is an ongoing and challenging task. Strong deductive reasoning and patience serve engineers well here;
  • Customer service – infrastructure engineers tend to work with internal rather than external partners. Communicating well with these “customers” helps the engineer resolve outages quickly and build strong working relationships;
  • Teaching ability – engineers may need to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical colleagues and train them to use software and hardware;
  • Organization skills – whether keeping cable sprawl to a minimum, documenting their work, or prioritizing requests for support, IT infrastructure engineers need to stay organized to keep on top of their tasks.

Contact Person

  •   Warinniya Nilavongse
  •  Adecco
  •  Tel.+66 2121 3525 Ext.3525