How to get a job without experience? The secret advices from HR to fresh graduates

February 21, 2019 Resume Writing & Interview​

Studying is hard but getting a job is harder. Many new grads who are entering the world of work often encounter the fact that their desired employers are also expecting candidates with experience and exceptional skills. Having just a degree and a good grade may not be enough. So, what else can help those less experience new grads to get their desired job? Let’s check out the best advice that Adecco Thailand has concluded from the video clip of the Ted X event - by Anna Wicha – Country Manager from Poland.


New Grad’s Needs vs Employers' Expectations

New grads have many expectations, i.e. earning a high salary, working in a reputable company, getting a decent benefit, getting trained or getting employed as a permanent staff right away. On the other hand, the company also demand candidate with experienced, soft skills, at least one extra foreign language proficiency, computer proficiency, the ability and willingness to learn new things and employee loyalty. These qualifications are often lacked in fresh graduates and widening gap between fresh graduates and company expectations which is the main reason why the young are struggling to land the job.


Soft skills - the key to the success of fresh graduates

No matter how smart or how high their grades are, fresh graduates are still unable to compete with other candidates with experience especially in terms of knowledge, ability and hard skills. Thus, the selling point for new grads is soft skills which are:

  • Effective Communication skills - the key to flowing and efficient work operation
  • Willingness to learn and develop - eagerness for self-development without waiting for someone to coach or train
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt - easy to adapt, respond to a change and be a person with less condition and excuses.
  • Ability to work in a team - work cooperatively with others. 

New grads should explore themselves and honestly evaluate if they have these essential skills. They should also focus on soft skills development as they are the key to getting your dream job.


“Attitude is more important than ability”

As many of you may have heard, the organization often recruits for attitude and trains for the skill as they believe that other skills can be taught and learned. This is where soft skill plays a huge role as it is proof of your great attitude and your willingness which will make the company want to hire you and invest in you later on.


“Demonstrate that you have the potentials to develop”

For a new grad, in each job interview, you should demonstrate your good attitude. Don't just say that you can’t do this, you can’t do that as you’ve never done it before and expect the company to train you. Actually, nobody wants to coach you if you don't try to do it first. You have to show your commitment, your willingness and readiness to learn, your eagerness to work your dream job and deliver more soft skills, to ensure that you have the potential to develop.


“Always improve and develop yourself”

It's also important to find out why you didn’t get the job. Try to look back at yourself again, for example, was it because you weren’t on time for the interview? or because you were lacking essential skills? or maybe that job isn’t right for you. If you are unable to get a job at a big company, maybe you could try a start-up company or small company. You may ask HR what areas you need to improve or what error you made during the interview. So that you can learn from real experience and bring those facts or mistakes to improve and develop yourself to a successful job application in the future.


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