3 Hottest jobs in 2025

November 09, 2018 HR Insight,Career Advice

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The availability of modern technologies has changed the way we live our lives as well as our social, environmental and economic conditions in a very profound way. These modern technologies create several new desired careers in the labor market. It is projected that in the year 2025, 60% of the workforce will work in the careers that do not currently exist.

Based on research results from Citi Research and  Thai labor market trends, Adecco Thailand found that the top 3 hottest careers in the year 2025 will be in the following fields of work

  1. IT & Digital
  2. Engineering & Robotics
  3. Healthcare / Personal Care


IT & Digital

When the world is powered by technology, everything becomes digital; shopping online, online banking, including currency that becomes cryptocurrency. Many businesses and services are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. Obviously, IT & Digitally related careers that involved the Internet, Big Data and AI will be in high demand and are likely to continue rising. Those careers are, for example, Programmer, Software Developer, Data Analyst, Cyber Security Expert, Database Specialist, Data Scientist, Computer Systems Analyst, Digital & E-commerce marketer, etc.


Engineering & Robotics

Technology evolution can also affect the growth of business and industry sectors. Manufacturing industries with large production bases tend to use more AI and automation in their production lines. This is to enhance productivity, to resolve labor shortage problems and to create new innovations to add value to its products and services. Engineering position, thus, becomes highly in demand, especially in Computer Innovative Engineering, Energy & Electrical Engineering and AI & Robotics Engineering. These engineering jobs will play an important role not only in developing the city and quality of life of the new generation but also in building a computer system that responds to economic and social development, for example, the development of automation and machinery in the factory, the development of electric vehicles - self-driving cars, etc.


Healthcare / Personal Care

The world’s population is aging. Virtually every country in the world is experiencing growth in the number and proportion of older persons in their population. The information from the United Nations (UN) has revealed that, in 2100, more than 30% of the people around the world will be over 60 years old. In the meantime, the average life expectancy tends to increase due to the advances in technology and medical technology. At the same time, there are a number of patients that require to access to many medical services. As a result, professionals in this healthcare and personal care field will be in high demand, including doctors and nurses as well as new careers, such as Bioinformatics Technician, Nuclear Medicine Technician, Medical Instrument Technicians (or Biomedical Equipment Technicians), Nursing & Personal Care Professional, Healthcare Professional, and Personal Trainer. These careers have become essential jobs, both in current and future market requirements.