Top 5 in-demand job of 2019

May 17, 2019 HR Insight

Adecco Thailand has revealed Top 5 in-demand job of 2019 based on information from more than 3,000 leading companies in Thailand in Adecco database. The results show that the hottest position is jobs in Sales and Business Development field followed by jobs in the Engineering field,  IT & Digital field, Accounting and Administrative roles consecutively.


Hot Job #1 Sales roles

Sales Executive is the most required professions as it is a primary role is to generate income and revenue. Other than sales executive, professions like PA or Product Advisor, Customer Service, Customer Relations are also in high demand.


Hot Job # 2 Engineering roles

Nowadays Thailand is facing engineering talent shortage. The survey from JETRO Bangkok revealed that currently Japan has invested in many Thai industries, but they cannot find enough engineers to meet their demand because of the supply, which has risen to a shortage of 44%.  From Adecco database, the top 3 highest in-demand positions are Sales Engineer, Service Engineer, and Project Engineer. 

Despite, many companies have implemented AI strategies to replace the human workforce, but most Thai companies prefer to hire human than implementing technology because of the cost saving reason. Also, there are some tasks that involve people management that requires human.  As such, engineering related position ranks #2 in the Thai labor market.


Hot Job # 3 IT roles

Digital disruption is affecting all organizations, most businesses are required to adapt and bring in technology to ensure their competitive advantage. Therefore, it leads to a high demand for IT people to serve the business need, including Programmer, Developer, System Engineer, System Analyst, Business Analyst and IT support personnel.  Furthermore, companies are increasing focus on acquiring Data Scientists and Data Engineers to analyze and forecast business data for better decision-making. 

Hot Job # 4 Accounting roles 

Every company in any business requires an efficient accounting department to handle, administrate, make and review data and financial statements.  Therefore, accountant is always among the most in-demand job for a long period of time.

Hot Job # 5 Administrative roles

The administrative position is a significant position that provides support for the efficient and proper operation of organizations. They handle all sorts of documents and ensure a smooth operation. Those highly demanded positions are Admin. Officer, Secretary, Project/Sales Coordinator.