Adecco reveals “Provides equal opportunity” is the top leadership characteristic that Thais prefer to work for

March 23, 2018 Press Releases

Adecco reveals “Provides equal opportunity” is the top leadership characteristic that Thais prefer to work for


Bangkok, Thailand, 22 March 2018: Adecco Group Thailand reveals the interesting result from its recent survey “What kind of leader that Thais prefer to work for?” conducted among 2,076 Thai respondents across all generations who work in various companies. The result shows the top leadership characteristic that Thai employees prefer is “Provides equal opportunity” - most of the respondents expect the leader to treat all employees equally without prejudice. The leaders should put the common good ahead of their own or personal connection’s benefits as well as making judgement based on actual performances and righteousness. The second on the preference rank goes for “Communicates clearly” and respectively followed by “Makes fair and balanced decisions”, “Does not take advantage” and “Respectful”.


The era of the dictatorial leader is over. The survey results show that Thai employees prefer leaders who listen to what they have to say while giving order clearly and respect their privacy.


When looking deeper into each generation, the survey findings show that new generation prefers to work with leaders who listen to what they have to say, reasonable, do not let emotion cloud their judgment as well as providing opportunities for employees to voice their thoughts and shine their professional potential. Also, the leaders should communicate clearly in terms of work details, do not taking advantage of employees especially their working hours, respect their personal time and private matters since employees in younger generation tend to focus on individual rights and work independence. On the other hand, the older generation prefers the leader who provides equal opportunity, possess strong leadership skill, decisive yet respectful.


Adecco Group Thailand CEO suggests that new forward-looking leaders need to be adaptable and enjoy changes 

Khun Tidarat Kanchanawat, Regional Director - Thailand and Vietnam, Adecco Group Thailand says “It is widely known that leader is an important factor that influences employee’ decision whether to stay or leave the company. For today’s leader, business management is not the only thing they have to consider, People management is also the key challenge. Nowadays that millennial or generation Y and Z play an important part in organizations more and more, leaders should be open-minded to the new ideas, welcome change and always catch up with new global trends in terms of technology and people management.”

“New generations are full of new ideas and possess strong ambition to create difference. These opinions from young professionals may be new to us and organization, yet instead of rejecting immediately, try to listen to what they propose as frequently their aspects can be beneficial and lead to creating innovation in organization in the future. At present, there are technologies that help simplify our work. Leaders need to be ready to learn as well as integrate technology to advantage way of work as much as possible.”


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