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Human Resources Manager

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Develop and implement HR policies and procedures. Responsible for the overall HR function such as recruitment, compensation and benefits and performance evaluation. Provide overall supervision for HR department.

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The figures shown are base salary excluding compensations and fringe benefits.

Human Resources 13 Job Available
Industry 0-3 years 3-7 years More than 7 years
Financial Services 0 0 100,000-150,000
FMCG 0 50,000-120,000 70,000-200,000
Industrial and Manufacturing 0 40,000-150,000 80,000-300,000
Information Technology 0 70,000-120,000 90,000-200,000
Nonprofit Organization 0 80,000-100,000 0
Property/Construction 0 0 60,000-170,000
Services/Consulting 0 50,000-150,000 60,000-150,000

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