Our Social Responsibility

What we give back to the community


Win4Youth is a global sports and CSR initiative organised by Adecco to raise money for foundations supporting abandoned, orphaned or sick children and helping families from disadvantaged communities while living Adecco's core values actively.

Since the programme began in 2010, colleagues have taken part in running, cycling and triathlon highlight events. Now celebrating its 7th year, the 2016 programme will concentrate on achieving the ambitious goal of 3,500,000 kms by triathlon again.

All colleagues, associates and clients in more than 60 countries throughout the company are invited to organise their own triathlon events and to participate in local events. If our ambitious goal is achieved by colleagues, clients and associates, Adecco Group has committed money to selected foundations.

Highlight event in October 2016

The Adecco Win4Youth 2016 team of 70 ambassadors will be trained to face a triathlon in Spain, the Lanzarote Triathlon. And of course, our ambassadors have the full support of 32,000 colleagues in more than 60 countries that will also be swimming, cycling and running throughout the year to ensure we reach our goal.


Nine foundations have been selected in Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Serbia and Slovakia along with a global foundation that is assisting civilian victims of natural disasters, wars and economic collapse. The foundations for 2016 were chosen by the countries, thanks to the global selection process that we introduced in 2014. Every country had the chance to hand in their favorite foundation. More than 40 foundations were put forward and the top nine voted foundations were chosen by the countries. The Foundations will equally benefit from the funds raised by Win4Youth.

Way To Work

Are you having trouble finding the ideal job or internship? Is your lack of experience working against you? Do you feel like you need to revamp your job search approach? Many students and recent graduates are in this situation, and we’re here to help with the exciting and new Adecco Way to Work programme.

The Way to Work career programme was created to help students and recent graduates find desirable job opportunities and internships and prepare them to get hired. And since its inception in 2013, it has been a hit across the globe. The fast-growing career programme is built around three distinct components — Street Day, CEO for One Month internship and Adecco Experience.

On March 17, Adecco Group colleagues all around the world will be taking to the streets armed with tips and tips to help with your job hunt, to prepare your CV, shine at interview and much more.

CEO For 1 Month

‘CEO for One Month’ was launched in Norway in 2011. In 2014, it became an international Adecco Group initiative, including one Global ‘CEO for One Month’ position working with the Group CEO. In 2015, there were more than 18,000 applicants from around the world.‘CEO for One Month’ has proved its ability to boost youngsters’ employability and opportunities. Paola Ospina from Colombia, Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ 2014, progressed to a career in marketing at Adecco USA in Florida. Ayumi Kunori, the successful candidate for 2015, works part time for Adecco in Japan while completing her studies. And Ernesto Lamaina and Dick Boreel, two ‘CEO for One Month’ finalists in 2015, were both hired at Adecco headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

‘Bringing Hope to Moms’ by L’Oréal Thailand and Adecco Group Thailand

L’Oréal Thailand and Adecco Group Thailand launch Thailand and ASEAN’s first project ‘Bringing Hope to Moms’

‘Bringing Hope to Moms,’ is a project developed under the L’Oréal initiated sustainability commitment of ‘Sharing Beauty With All,’ in order to help create a beautiful and equal society. L’Oréal has worked successfully with its business partners to provide career opportunities to disadvantaged groups in society to have a chance to work with the organization, also known as the Solidarity Sourcing Program. As for the ‘Bringing Hope to Moms’ this is a great opportunity for L’Oréal to work with Adecco, which has been L’Oréal’s human resourcing business partner since 2011. Adecco also foresees the importance and the possibilities of the project as, according to Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Public Health, currently in Thailand there is over 129,000 mothers under 20 years old. As a result, Adecco has decided to dedicate their best efforts with L’Oréal to create this social project, in order to help expand the opportunities of young, single mothers and victims of domestic violence to be able to build up concrete skills and stable careers, as well as make a better life for their families.