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  • What are Adecco Services?

    Adecco Thailand is the leader in Human Resource Solutions, offering Recruitment, Employment/ Outsource/ Contract Staffing and Human Capital Solutions. 

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  • What are Adecco Recruitment Services?

    We assist our clients to recruit the talent that best fits to their company needs as well as advise on HR management, development and other HR related issues.  We also provide consultation on job interviews and job searching for our candidates.

  • Is there a fee?

    No, our service rendered to our candidate is without any charges (both permanent and temporary jobs).

  • Who are our clients?

    Adecco partners with local, regional and multinational organizations in every industry across Thailand.

  • Job vacancies with Adecco

    There are diverse jobs vacancies ranging from operation level to management level in many industries.

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  • Hiring conditions

    For recruitment services, the candidate will be employed by the client. For temporary and contract staffing, the candidate will be employed by Adecco.

  • What is the salary range for positions provided by Adecco?

    Salary is varied by profession, years of experience, level of position and industrial type. 

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  • Does Adecco offer Specialty Recruitment?

    Yes, we do.  Apart from general jobs, we do have specialty jobs in Information Technology (IT), Engineering and Technician, Japanese Language, Airlines and Luxury Retail, all from Junior to management positions.

  • How long does it take to get a job?

    There are many factors which will affect the time frame in finding a job, such as, candidate’s skills and qualifications, our client’s requirements, as well as the selection process of our clients.

  • Adecco’s confidentiality policy?

    Our candidates’ profiles database is treated with the strictest confidence of which will not be disclosed to our client without candidate’s permission. See our Adecco Thailand Data Protection Policy

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