Adecco Recruitment Process

Simple 3 steps to your future career

1. Apply for a job

Our online job search and application is very easy to use. On the application process, you will be asked basic information and your contact details, as well as to attach your resume for the job application.

If you do not find the jobs that interest you, you can upload your resume on our website, and soon you’ll be receiving automated job alerts of the opening positions that match your profile, right on your email inbox. From there, you can click the link of job you’re interested in, back to our website and apply from here.

2. Interview with Adecco

Our consultant will contact you to schedule an interview at our office.

•   Assessment We will conduct job relevant assessments in both English, Thai and other languages that match with your competencies and skills.

•   Interview with our consultants Our consultant will conduct an interview to identify your competencies as well as discuss your career goals and match you with the most suitable job. Our recruitment methodology is based on the “Can do, Will do, Will fit” model.

•   Requirement Mapping Our consultant will match job assignments from client with Adecco interviewed candidate’s profile in our database for best suit talent.

3. Interview with client

Our consultants will arrange an interview appointment between you and the client. Also, we will follow up and inform you of the outcome and also provide you with feedback from the client. If successful, you will be offered the position, salary and compensation package.

If you have any questions about the application process, or for more information, please contact your Adecco branch today.

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