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Prepare your business to be ready for every change with comprehensive IT and engineering services from Adecco. Swift, responsive, and professional, we offer services that encompass both temporary staffing solutions and enhancements to optimize the efficiency of your organization's IT and engineering systems.

Service Highlights

▪ A professional team specialized in and dedicated to IT and engineering staffing and services.
▪ Skilled professionals who understand the job scope and are ready to work immediately.
▪ No minimum service requirements; we are happy to take care of all project scopes and sizes.
▪ Flexible package durations that can be customized to perfectly align with your specific requirements.
▪ Compliance and Assurance management, ensuring professional staff follows labor laws and PDPA regulations.

Tech Staffing

We provide professional IT and engineering staffing services through hiring on both long-term and short-term contract basis. 

Tech Services

- IT Support Outsourcing: Tier 1 and 2 helpdesk support to ensure your business works smoothly with variable packages to choose from, ranging from one-time, daily, weekly, and monthly arrangements.

- Service Outsourcing: Offering convenient, efficient, and high-quality services on IT supports and solutions, covering 3 key parts; Infrastructure, Application, and Engineering

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