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Welcome to Adecco Thailand's Chinese Division!

Corporate Services: Uncover Chinese Talent with Adecco

As the first talent agency in Thailand to establish a Chinese Division, collaborate with Adecco Thailand's Chinese Division to meet your company's unique recruitment needs. Our database includes native Chinese speakers as well as fluent Chinese speakers with Thai nationality. We specialize in seamlessly integrating these Chinese-speaking talents into your team, ensuring the creation of a diverse and vibrant workforce that contributes to your success in the Thai market.

Contact Information:
Phone: +66 2 121 3499


Job Seeker Services: Adecco Guides Your Career Journey

Explore career opportunities in the dynamic professional landscape of Thailand with Adecco Thailand's Chinese Division. Our professional team not only possesses expertise but also has a profound understanding of both Chinese culture and the complexities of the Thai workplace. We provide guidance on how to stand out in the Thai work environment and empower you to confidently plan your career path.

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企业服务: Adecco携手发掘中文人才





电话: +66 2 121 3499


求职者服务: Adecco引领您的职业之旅





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