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Looking for a payroll outsourcing service to handle your local business needs? Leave your overwhelmed tasks with the industry experts. Partner with us for the best local support and consultancy.

Introducing an all-in-one payroll solution for your business covering employment process, payroll administration, HR administration, and client consultancy. Assuring you trusted services and the finest support from our specialists, guaranteed with over 30 years of experience in the industry and thousands of clients who have been placing trust in us.

How this service could help you
✔ An employment solution with a one-stop payroll service to cover your business needs
✔  Strong compliance with local laws including tax, labor laws and PDPA
✔ Removing all burden tasks to maximize your time’s value
✔ Cost controlling solution in software fees and in-house processing

Discover our payroll solutions for your business
A wide-ranging service to ease your local business expansion and operation. Our service can be tailored upon the business size and nature of each industry to suit your demands.

Employment Management
Managing Staff Employment on your behalf:  
•  Employment under Adecco 
•  Employment Agreement
Payroll Administration
Offering quality payroll management with accuracy and legal alignment:  
•  Payroll & E-slip
•  Social Security
•  Workmen's Compensation
•  Personal Income Tax
•  Summary Report
HR Administration
Taking the administrative burden off your hands with our broad range of services:  
•  Orientation  
•  Welfare & Benefits
•  Employee Relation
•  Disciplinary Actions & Termination
•  Government Affairs
Client Consultancy
Providing advice and industry insights for the best interest of your business:  
•  Remuneration, Benefit and Welfair Advisory
•  Labor Laws & Regulations Advisory
•  Employee Relation
•  HR Management Advisory

This service is suitable for
• An organization that is looking for a one-stop service solution
• A newly established or currently expanding organization that needs outsourcing solutions to provide flexibility in employment and payroll management
• A foreign company or even a Thai company that needs expert teams to ensure payroll processing compliance to align with Thai laws and regulations
• An organization that aims to reduce costs in software development as well as the hiring and training cost of payroll staff

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