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Find your best candidates with Adecco. Adecco provides you with an extensive range of recruitment solutions to match your organization’s needs. Our expert consultant teams are ready to assist you. Check out the list below to see our permanent recruitment services we offer.

•  Executive Recruitment 
•  Specialty Recruitment 
•  Recruitment Project Management (RPM) 
•  Talent Mapping Service

Executive Recruitment

Exclusive solution for executive recruitment. Offering you highly qualified candidates with promising proven track record of success in C-Suit level and senior management roles to fulfill your business needs. Operated by our industry experts, we are committed to finding your perfect match with high-impact leadership for your organization.


Recruitment Divisions Search Methodology 
•  C-Suite Level 
•  Mid to Senior Management
•  Market Mapping 
•  Active Recruiting 
•  Direct Approaching

How this service could help you
•  Search and approach top talent in management roles in targeted industry
•  Screen qualified candidates to find the best fit for your organization
•  Provide consultancy guidance on talent acquisition strategy and current market compensation analysis

Specialty Recruitment

Discover your right employees in any position. Our skillful consultants are determined to assure the right candidates based on their specialties including sales, admin, HR, finance, accounting, marketing, IT, engineering, logistics, laws, e-commerce, banking, industrial, third language-speaking jobs etc.

Recruitment Divisions Search Methodology
•  Corporate Functions
•  Industrial & Technology
•  Language Specialist (Chinese, Japanese Speaking, Japanese Native)
•  Active Recruiting
•  Adecco Database
•  Online Advertising

How this service could help you
•  Reach high-quality candidates beyond your network
•  Find talented candidates that fit your company standards and requirements
•  Acquire the right candidates faster and more efficiently
•  Time and cost-saving on resume screening and interviewing process

Recruitment Project Management (RPM)

A new model for holistic recruitment solutions. Providing you a full recruitment partnership with a flexible approach, tailored to your requirements. Our in-house experts will work closely with your company as a dedicated team to handle all recruitment processes. With more efficient and agile solutions, this service could optimize your budget and help advance your competitive edge, making sure you get the right talent for your business within the limited resources.

How this service could help you
•  Have dedicated consultants to work on your project
•  Get guidance and consultancy from industry experts
•  Reach more targeted candidates with an active approach
•  Capture the right talent with a solid screening and selection method
•  Add flexible solutions, with options for off-site or on-premise services

This service is suitable for an organization that
•  Lacks an HR department or doesn’t have enough internal recruitment resources to work on the project
•  Looks for a specialist to handle all recruitment process
•  Demands for a customized plan and guidance from industry experts
•  Plans to expand the team to align with new business focus
•  Aims for cost-efficient solutions to fit with budget 

Talent Mapping Service

Explore our new service to drive your competitiveness with a clear insight into the talent landscape. Our talent mapping service offers a proactive approach to your recruitment success. We dig deep into your business needs, candidate insights, competitor analysis, and current market situation to provide you with the best package, including a detailed research summary report and suggestions to leverage your recruitment strategy. Our Talent Mapping Service also includes active A-list candidates' CVs for your future use with the option to bundle recruitment service at a special rate.

This service is suitable for an organization that
•  Is new to the local market or plans to expand and existing or new department internally and requires in-depth market research before making the business decision on recruitment.
•  Wants to find a solid solution for company’s hard-to-fill roles such as senior roles, roles in specific field and/or roles with specialty skill sets.
•  Needs actionable insights and expert advice to help fill gaps and leverage current recruitment strategy for long-term success.

Silver plan
•  Talent Mapping Research 
•  Analysis summary report

Gold Plan (Recommended)

•  Talent Mapping Research 
•  Analysis summary report
•  Candidate list and CVs
•  Bundle recruitment service (discounted rate)

Tailor-made plan
•  Newly designed solution to tackle your specific needs 

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