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Visa & Work Permit Administration Services

A comprehensive one-stop service that assists you in managing, overseeing, and providing consultancy on visa and work permit application processes at every stage. Whether you are a company seeking to hire expatriates in Thailand or requiring visa or work permit extensions for expatriates currently employed in Thailand, our professional services can alleviate concerns regarding the complexity of application administration while ensuring a full compliance following regulations throughout the process.

Requirements for expatriates to work in Thailand:
1.Work Visa [Non Immigration B Visa]
2.Work Permit

Key features of the service:
- Expert guidance on the process and facilitation for expatriates to ensure hassle-free experience
- Full management of administrative procedures as your professional agent
- Skillful organization and compilation of all essential documents following compliance & regulations
- Provide consultation to client and expatriates throughout the entire process

Service type:
- Regular Process
- One-stop Service
- Work Permit – BOI

(Service fee is customized as per requirement. Please contact our sales team for quotation.)

The 6-step work process:*
Pre-Approval Work Permit [WP.3] Process & Non Immigration B Visa
1.Adecco initiates the pre-work permit approval process.
2.Adecco provides guidance and prepare documents to expatriates for the Non-B Visa application process outside of Thailand.
Work Permit Application
3.Expatriate enters Thailand.
4.Adecco prepares work permit application and facilitates expatriates through the process.
Long term Visa & 90 Day Report
5.Adecco applies for long term visa.
6.Adecco provides support for the 90-day reporting requirement.

(Turnaround times may vary based on the approval from government departments and the submission of expatriates' and clients' documents.)

*If you are applying for a Visa and Work Permit through the BOI, there will be different steps involved.

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