CEO For One Month 2022 Global Bootcamp Reflection

September 30, 2022 Event & Activity

Adecco Group’s CEO for One Month Program 2022 has come to an end of the competition when we got the winners of the program; one from the UK & Ireland, and another from Singapore.  With this regard, Thailand representative Racha, would like to share his experience of the global bootcamp and his impressions towards the people, the activities, and the program to everyone. Let’s hear from Racha;

This is one of the most wonderful experiences that I have ever had in my life so far. 

Why? Because it’s not just a competition where you have to prove yourself that you’re the best. Rather, for me it’s more like a learning session that allows you to open yourself to a wider thought, to different culture, and to diverse experienced from the other 9 talented people from different countries around the world as well as from real professionals in the Adecco Group.

During the global bootcamp, there are full of fun activities and challenges that encourage us to work together to achieve each activities’ goal. However, to succeed is another story. What really matters to me most is the friendship among our 10 finalists built on the fruitful conversation and experience sharing all through these 3 days. To exchange thoughts and ideas are the perfect way of knowing people, and these 9 fellows are just superb! I learned a lot from each and every one of them, and glad that from this event, we can be friend for life.


I also had a marvelous opportunity to have a conversation with the CEO of Adecco Group, Denis Machuel, alongside with other finalists in various topics including our backgrounds, purpose in life and business prospects of Adecco group. Hearing and learning from a high-level executive who is a true expert in his career has had me reflect on myself of what I should do to improve my personal and professional life to the next level.


Being in the 3 day long bootcamp, here’s my key takeaway I’d like to share with everyone.

1. Start with “Why” - asking “Why” is the most important because it helps you understand the purpose of doing things. Hence, you can focus on your objective with the right direction.
2. Learning never ends - keep learning in every step of your life. Many times, you have to unlearn and relearn to get yourself updated with the new skills that could get you through the new challenges. Always keep your eyes open to new opportunities and experience.
3. Relationships do matter – build and keep a good relationship with your peers, be it academic, professional, or social peers. Surrounding yourself with good people will play a huge effect on your thoughts and even leads you to success in your professional and life as a whole.


Finally, I would like to use this space to show my gratitude to the Adecco group and the Adecco Thailand for supporting me in this program. It has been an utmost pleasure to be part of the journey, getting to know many talented CEOs for One Month from many countries online, and spending such a quality time with these finalists in Zurich. It has been nothing but a great memory where I will treasure dearly and will make the most of these valuable experience for my future.

Racha Tangarnuparp

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