7 Gift ideas for your office holiday party THB 500-1,000

December 13, 2018 Personal Development

It's December which means the New Year is drawing near. It has become a tradition to have an office holiday celebration/party. For those who still don't know what to buy for a raffle gift for your upcoming party during this festive season, check out what Adecco has picked for interesting raffle gift ideas, within THB 500 – 1,000 budget.


1)  Beauty Gift sets

For the office with a lot of female staff, Beauty Gift sets, including lip balm, fragrance body oil or lotion, is another great idea. During the festive season, these cute little combinations of beauty products are often packed as a pretty gift set with different price ranges.  Try to avoid any facial or cosmetic product as it might be too dangerous to those who have sensitive skin or allergies.


2)  Cool Gadgets

Nowadays, smartphones and computers are so important in daily life. Thus, cool small and lightweight designed gadgets, such as earphones, portable / wireless speakers or a power bank, are considered as a perfect must-have gift.


3)  Insulated Travel Tumbler

Drinking glass and dishes are often the gifts that people don’t really appreciate.  But let’s try Insulated Travel Tumblers that can be used both at work or when on the road as well as to reduce global warming.  Pick up some cute designs from famous coffee shops nearby during the festive season.  It’s one great gift idea.

4)  Good Lumbar Cushions

Sitting in a chair working all day is a bad thing as it can hurt your back and cause office syndrome. A good lumbar cushion or seat cushion is likely to be a beneficial gift.  It helps relieve your lower back and hips from pressure as you sit and it’s the gift that everyone can use.


5)  Bag

Bags are the most practical gift that can be used for different occasions. There are many designs and styles of bags, such as fabric totes and backpacks. Let's get a durable one with an elegant design that's good for both men and women.


6)  Chic Gift in style

For those who love designed cute desk accessories for your home or office, digital LED clock/date with temperature, DIY crafts or huge punchable USB-connected ENTER key pillow-like button are ideal alternatives that will make your day better.  Caution! Make sure that your office is okay to have those desk accessories.


7)  Gift Voucher

If you really have no idea what to get for a raffle gift, Gift Voucher is an ideal present.  Most people are happy that they can buy whatever they really want. There are a wide variety of Gift Vouchers available, from shopping, meals or for gas. We believe this gift will make the receiver happy as well.