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HROD Specialist


Job typePermanent


Job FunctionHuman Resources


Job IDJN -112023-117881

About the Company

Our customer is a prominent Thai company specializing in the production and distribution of various types of caps, including crown, pilfer-proof, Maxi-series, plastic, and composite caps, which are utilized as seals for bottles and containers. The role involves overseeing HRD/HROD projects, encompassing aspects like People Management Policy, Performance Management, Talent Management, People Transformation, Change Management, and in-house Training.

Job Responsibilities
  • Collaborate closely with the HRD Section Head to cultivate the growth of individuals and organizations, with a specific focus on formulating People strategy and fostering employee engagement and performance development.
  • Develop and implement Performance and Goal Management strategies, including the execution of individual development plans. Utilize available resources to reinforce and instill the company's core values among employees.
  • Drive the implementation of process improvement projects within the human resources domain, aimed at enhancing processes, concepts, skills, and knowledge to effectively support business operations.
  • Design and implement various Organizational Development (OD) programs, systems, and interventions, encompassing areas such as Competency Development, Career Management Planning, CSC Values development, talent management, succession planning, etc.
  • Execute and integrate HR policies into business operations effectively.
Experience requirements
  • Three years of experience in either Human Resources Development (HRD) or Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD).
  • Proficiency in project management within the scope of various functions, including but not limited to People Management Policy, Performance Management, Talent Management, People Transformation, and Change Management.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects concurrently, effectively prioritize tasks, and perform well under tight pressure and deadlines.
  • Possess a strategic mindset, showcasing the ability to think creatively and long-term, along with a strong 'can-do' attitude.
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills, coupled with effective communication and presentation abilities.
  • A solid command of English and proficiency in computer skills, particularly in Excel and PowerPoint.
Education requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree or Higher in Human Resources or related fields.  

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