3Ps for Recruiters to Develop a Memorable Candidate Experience

January 09, 2020 HR Insight

Did you know that 93% of candidates select their jobs by relying on their recruiting experience?

The “Candidate Experience” is one key challenge that recruiters must strive to “understand and access” the needs of candidates that are ever-evolving in this candidate driven-market. Today, organizations that have a “passive” plan but lack a “proactive” strategy to create a memorable candidate experience may find it difficult to attract top talents to their companies.

There are three factors to developing a good candidate experience which is known as the 3Ps: Platform, Process, and People. With these three factors, the overall recruiting process can become more focused on quality, efficiency, and speed. To find out whether your organization has the 3Ps, take our test: Is Your Organization Ready to Create a Good Candidate Experience?

“Platform”: Adapting Quickly with the Shifting Channels of Communication

In an age when technology has disrupted the way people communicate with each other, the channels for job application and job advertisement must also be tailored to cater to the needs of workers in the modern era as every form of communication has shifted “online”. Thus, digital job application platforms are now considered the first touchpoint that can create awareness and offer a memorable candidate experience.

However, many organizations still lack the correct understanding in developing a platform as they would often focus on the branding and content for their company while ignoring the importance of data – the most important asset in the digital era.

Therefore, a good platform must display more than just a great design. It should be capable of collecting information for analysis and other purposes. For example, the Application Tracking System (ATS) is a platform that can gather information as well as manage other systems in the organization such as candidate selection and storing personal candidate information in a correct and accurate manner that can efficiently handle a large amount of applications.

Another platform that is also essential is the tangible platform such as the interview venue, as the place where interviews are held can serve as a factor to create a memorable experience for candidates and allow companies to present good branding to the candidates. Many organizations have also brought in the use of gamification strategies during interviews to enhance the effectiveness of the process while attracting the attention of Gen Y and Gen Z candidates.

“Process”: Speeding Up to Match Candidates in the Digital Age

“Slow and steady wins the race” may no longer be a saying that is applicable to candidate in this digital era. In many cases, once a company moves slowly or stays silent for a prolonged period of time, candidates would look for other options. A simple way to address this issue is to send emails to notify candidates throughout the application process, from receiving the application, updating them about the next steps, to announcing the result of the application or the interview, which can create a good experience for the candidates. These actions also demonstrate that the organization has a systematic recruiting process as well as professionalism, which can contribute to building a good image of the company for the candidate and increase the chances that they will choose to work with the company.

However, to speed up the recruiting process and lay down an effective system, the recruitment team and line manager must develop and improve the way they work together. Agile Recruiting is a way of selecting candidates that Adecco often recommends to organizations, as the process will decrease the amount of time it takes to find the right person, update all team members and allow the company to efficiently monitor the progress of candidate selection for each position. This process can also eliminate the issue of overlapping tasks and inconsistencies, while reducing the risk of candidates receiving an undesirable experience during the process.

“People”: The Key to Hiring Lies in the Quality of Recruiters

Meanwhile, the people factor is the most vital to creating a good candidate experience. In this case, recruiters are considered the most important touchpoint for candidates, from the communication process with candidates through job advertisements, notifying candidates of initial selection results from their resumes, making an appointment for interviews, the interviewing process, to the notification of the hiring decision. Thus, the people factor is in every step of the customer experience journey, which means that the quality of the recruiter is an important criteria in creating a good experience for the candidate, especially during the interviewing process when candidates expect the most from recruiters. According to an Adecco survey, candidates expect that recruiters will have the necessary interviewing skills, the understanding of the job scope, a list of questions relevant to the position, and that they will offer a chance for candidates to answer their questions while carefully listening to their responses.

Therefore, recruiters must also continuously reskill and upskill themselves, especially regarding interview techniques that focuses on candidate behaviors, from S.O.A.R. Interview Techniques that pose different situations for candidates, to Probing Questions that can bring out the skills, knowledge, talents, as well as the professional motivation of the candidates. Moreover, recruiters should be able to use various tools to appropriately determine the criteria for candidate selection in order to lower the risk of hiring candidates who do not fit in with the organization, lower the rate of resignation, and lower the costs that occur in cases of inefficient hiring process.

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