Salary Guide 2023 - Adecco in APAC

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Salary Guide 2023 - Adecco in APAC

Get access to market trends and salary reports from different countries in APAC


Adecco introduces you to real insight into the workforce situation for each specific country around Asia Pacific, including Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Each white paper includes an overview of their own labor situation, key highlights, trends, and salary information by industry and job functions.

Whether you’re an MNC operating in many countries, an SME looking to expand your business abroad, or a candidate looking for a credible benchmark of salary for a reference in these countries, this is the right place for you.

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Currently, the unemployment rate is low, skilled migration has opened slowly and we are seeing talent and skill shortages country-wide. But with inflation increasing and the war in Ukraine continuing, the need for job security is starting to rise.

Download Adecco Australia 2023 salary guide now to gain further insights on what is happening in workplaces today and what salary you can expect in the current climate.

Download Adecco Australia 2023 Salary Guide


Hong Kong

The Adecco Hong Kong Salary Guide provides complete coverage of developments in the human resources market in Hong Kong. In the Salary Guide, Adecco’s team of professional consultants provides the latest survey data for 2023 and their insights based on industry observations, salary changes, and trend forecasts. This allows clients and job seekers to get a head start on market changes, and formulate excellent strategies for talent recruitment and retention as they welcome the new year.

Download Adecco Hong Kong 2023 Salary Guide



Adecco Malaysia Salary Guide 2023 is packed with juicy insights gathered from Adecco Malaysia's extensive network of clients and candidates, and the company's recruitment and human resources expertise.

This guide will offer invaluable perspectives to individuals and enterprises alike into the current market and determine the perfect salary packages to attract and retain top talents for the organisation.

Download Adecco Malaysia 2023 Salary Guide



In Adecco Singapore 2023 Salary Guide, there are exclusive insights and trends on what to expect for the second half of the year for 10 key industries, and how you can get your career moves or workforce management on the right track.

Highlights in the latest edition include impact of digitalization on everyday business operations, growing demand in reskilling and upskilling for the next 3 to 4 years, and an increase in companies seeking flexibility and control over staffing costs.

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South Korea

Adecco Korea published the 2023 Salary Guide which provides comprehensive information on annual salary trends along with labor market trends by industry groups.

Hope this salary guide provides clients and candidates valuable insights of the Korean job market, talent acquisition, and salary information for their organizational growth and personal career development.

Download Adecco South Korea 2023 Salary Guide



Adecco Group Taiwan salary guide is a comprehensive review of professional salaries and recruitment trends. In addition to investigating the current situation faced by Taiwan's top ten industries and suggesting manpower requirements in 2023, we also span hundreds of different job functions and industries.

We hope our guide provides you with valuable insights regarding the current job market and helps organizations overcome today's workplace challenges.

Download Adecco Taiwan 2023 Salary Guide



Get to know the market pay from the latest salary data, divided by role, working experience, and industry, gathered from Adecco Thailand's clients throughout the year. A highlight includes salaries of more than 800 positions in 8 key industries, exclusive insights on Thailand and APAC labor market from Adecco’s executives, and intensive knowledge about Gen Z, a new generation of workforce that HR should know.

Download Adecco Thailand 2023 Salary Guide



In this ever-changing market, while competition is severe and highly skilled candidates are scarce with complex job expectations, we understand it would be tough for businesses to make decisions regarding their people. This 10th edition of Vietnam Salary Guide is to provide you with a broad overview of current Vietnam's HR landscape and labor market outlook in 2023 in 2 major cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as advice for employers and candidates.

Download Adecco Vietnam 2023 Salary Guide


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