A Reflection of Racha Tangarnuparp, Thailand CEO for One Month 2022

สิงหาคม 16, 2565 การพัฒนาภาวะผู้นำ
A Reflection of Racha Tangarnuparp, Thailand CEO for One Month 2022

After one full month with Adecco Thailand, Racha Tangarnuparp, Thailand CEO for One Month 2022, has shared his valuable experience and impression of the program. 

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It has been a privilege for me to be a part of the CEO for One Month program. It has encouraged me to discover my passion in life and business, of which the core part is people.  I got a chance to understand more of HR business industry through the lens of the management and also through working with talent from different business functions via on-the-job training and project assignment. This really emphasized the fact that “putting the right person on the right job” is really the key to the success of our organization.

Day to Day operations

My routine work during the month was conducted as hybrid working style, which allowed me to work at the office and online at home depending on the domestic Covid-19 situation and work schedule. This is the first initiative of Adecco Group Thailand towards the program (the CEO for One month). I consider this initiation a new experience of working.

On a day-to-day basis, as a CEO for one month, I had to join various business meetings in person and virtually with members of the organization in each business unit. Plus, I learned so many exciting business strategies and models of our organization through the aspects of different functions from Marketing communication, IT, Legal, Human resources, and Finance. From my reflection on meetings, visiting each branch of Adecco office and meeting with clients made me realize that constant and agile coordination between each business unit has played a very important role in the development of HR-related services of Adecco, to cater to the variety of client’s need and requirement. In other words, agility between each business unit, accelerated with cutting-edge technology, has enabled Adecco to offer the best-in-class customer experiences to job seekers to find the right opportunities, and to clients to find the right solution for their business needs.

Global challenges

Besides working with the CEO, and different business units at Adecco Group Thailand, I could say that the best part of this program was having many amazing opportunities to exchange business ideas, cultures, and discussion about social issues with CEO for One Month peers from different countries around the world through variety of activities such as business case analysis and debates.

These marvelous activities have helped me expand my vision in HR business and envision my thoughts about the world since each country has its own culture and unique domestic business point of view. I find myself being excited and enjoying sharing my experiences in life and business with other talented CEO for One Month fellows, as well as learning from them during my journey in this program.


The key takeaway from this amazing internship is that “People and technology are the keys to success in every organization”.  Talent as the heart of the company combined with advanced technology implementation can take an organization in any industry to another level of business achievement in the modern world I am grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join this CEO for one month program and work with P’Tidarat, Adecco Thailand management and colleagues, and other C1M fellows from every country. I would definitely recommend other youngsters to at least apply for this program next year. You will not only get those meaningful experiences for life, but along the way, you’ll get more connections and friends from different corners of the world, and probably a way forward to your dream job or career goal in the end.

Racha Tangarnuparp
Thailand CEO for One Month 2022
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