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We certainly understand how critical hiring decisions can be.Customized assessment tool are the perfect solution to better enhance your selection process.

You can simply assign a personalized assessments for each candidate at exclusive prices.

Will Do

Measures Motivation & Work attitude

  • 1. Reliability / Conscientiousness
    Takes responsibility for quality of work. Puts in extra time and effort to complete tasks properly.
  • 2. Contact – Interact with other people
    Is very helpful to colleagues. Enjoys working with others.
  • 3. Stress Tolerance
    Controls temper even after provocation. Has an optimistic outlook. Copes well in stressful situations
  • 4. Motivation and Energy
    Puts more energy into the job than other employees. Eager to learn new skills or take on new roles.

Test Information

  • 15 min
  • 40 multiple choices
  • General Population Norm
  • Entry – Supervisory Level

Will Fit

Measures Work Preferences

  • Working Alone == Working With People
  • Close Supervision == Limited Supervision
  • Prefer Routine == Flexible and Open to Change
  • Relaxed Environment == Pressured Environment
  • Getting it Done == Getting it Right
  • Working together == Competitive

Test Information

  • 15 min
  • 40 multiple choices
  • General Population Norm
  • Entry – Supervisory Level

Can Do

Measures Skills / Knowledge / Ability

Test Information

Language (English) Reasoning (Diagram) Analyzing (Numerical Data)
105 15 15
120 35 35
General Population Norm General Population Norm General Population Norm
All Level All Level All Level


Measure preferred behavior that likely to perform against with 20 universal competencies which are necessarily required in the workplace

The report describes the candidate’s…

  • interacting with people
  • approaching tasks
  • managing feelings and emotions
  • impacting within a team
  • likely performance on 20 key competencies

Test Information

  • 15 min
  • 104 forced-choices
  • General Population Norm
  • Managerial Level

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